Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Photoshopped Birth Certificate

Where are the "Document Experts" on this latest phony long form birth certificate.  The people that Obama has creating these phony birth certificates are novices!!  All you have to do to see that this Long Form Birth Certificate is a fraud is look at the Whitehouse's website as a PDF and use the ZOOM feature to look at the WHITE in the middle of the letters for his name (and numerous other data entry items).

This is an example I created using a typwriter font.  On a document that has not been Photoshopped (or created with some other application for editing images), you will see the background between the letters and withing the letter (like O or B), but you do not see that on Barack's phony long form birth certificate.


  1. The document can not be determined to be fake from the "evidence" MarketTicker and others are claiming and here is exctly why and how you can recreate the exact same things at home in less than 2 minutes with your own scanned in documents.

  2. Given the 100% consistency between the capital As in your Typewriter font, and the slight variation in the As on the birth certificate, haven't you just kind of disproven your own point about it being a fake?